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HPC revolutionized the exhaust industry by introducing space-age coatings to the motorsports aftermarket. Using coatings that were previously only available to the aerospace industry, HPC created a niche market for protective and thermal barrier coating in racing and street rodding. In the eighteen years since, HPC has developed numerous coatings for a wide range of applications.

HPC provides protective, lubritic and appearance coatings for the motorsports, industrial, food processing, medical, aerospace and OEM automotive and trucking industries. HPC is recognized as a leader and innovator of coating technology in these fields.

Beginning in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, HPC has since opened seven facilities worldwide with corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our international facilities include Auckland, New Zealand opened in 1994, followed by Melbourne, Australia in 1995, Queensland, Australia in 1997, and Seloncourt, France in 2001

HPC employs a full time engineering staff innovating, improving and manufacturing coatings. HPC’s coatings are manufactured in-house using only the finest available raw materials, allowing HPC the flexibility to respond quickly to a customer’s needs.

With a solid foundation of eighteen years beneath us, HPC looks forward to the future in new and exciting markets worldwide. With the ever increasing performance demands of equipment and vehicles in the years to come, HPC is working to provide advanced coatings to prolong the life of critical components while increasing productivity and efficiency.

The Market

HPC is strategically positioned at the top end of the performance coating segment, based upon high quality, durability, engineering support, government certifications and attractive appearance. To the consumer HPC stands for a product that will meet or exceed the demands of any level of performance. HPC’s coatings can be applied to virtually any metal alloy, many ceramics or glass and can be applied to act as a thermal barrier, yet be visually appealing and functional.

Since it’s inception in 1982, HPC has been recognized as America’s leader in advanced automotive coating technology. With repeated victories at the Daytona and Indy 500’s and flawless performance through the grueling 24 hours of LeMans and Daytona, HPC is the choice of world champions.

Racing Milestones

  • 14 – Indy 500 winners
  • 14 – Daytona 500 winners
  • 4 – NASCAR Winston Cup Championships
  • 10 – CART Championships
  • 2 – IRL Championships
  • 5 – 24 Hours of LeMans wins
  • 9 – 24 Hours of Daytona wins
  • 18 – NHRA Top Fuel Championships
  • 5 – NHRA Top Fuel Funny Car Championships
  • 13 – NHRA Pro Stock Championships
  • 15 – NHRA Pro Stock Bike Championships
  • World’s fastest wheel driven land speed record vehicle
  • World’s fastest piston driven land speed record vehicle
  • World’s fastest small block powered land speed record vehicle
  • World’s fastest Unlimited Air Racer
  • First 4-second NHRA Top Fuel Dragster
  • First 300 MPH NHRA Top Fuel Funnycar
  • First 200 MPH NHRA Pro Stock Car
  • First 6-second NHRA Pro Stock Car
  • First 6-second NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle


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