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Header Accessories, Polish and Cleaners


HPC's new HiPerWash is a spray-on and rinse-off cleaner for HPC's HiPerCoat® finishes.  HiPerWash makes quick work of cleaning oil, grease, road grime, and mud from your HPC coated parts.

pH-balanced, HiPerWash is safe on all polished, painted, powder coated and clear coated surfaces, making it the perfect all-over wash for motorcycles, ATV's and snowmobiles.  

HiPerWash is concentrated and can even be diluted up to 3:1 for lighter cleaning duties.

24 oz. bottle is $12.00
By the case (6 per case) $57.60

Liquid Buff

Finally, a polish and cleaner that's specifically formulated for HPC's HiPerCoat high luster polished finish coating.

Liquid Buff effortlessly removes oxidation and stains while providing a beautiful high luster to coated components.  It's easy to use without the mess and work of others polishes.

Also excellent for aluminum, brass, copper, chrome and magnesium alloys.

8 oz. bottle is $10.00
By the case (6 per case) $48.00

No Blow™ Gaskets

HPC No Blow gaskets are made of premium flexible graphite mechanically bonded to a perforated metal core. This process provides a gasket that easily conforms to the mating surfaces of the cylinder head and header while providing extreme temperature capabilities.

When heated, HPC No Blow gaskets expand up to 5-times their cold thickness, keeping header bolts tight and sealing warped header flanges and imperfect mating surfaces.

No Blow gaskets are available for most American V8 engines as well as 3½", 3" and 2½" three-bolt collectors.

Header Gaskets $25.00
Collector Gaskets $12.00
HiPerCoat Coated Header Bolts

To give your header installation that first class finished look HPC has coated grade 8 12-point header bolts available. Now you won't have an ugly black header bolt against your HPC coated headers.

Package of 12


Package of 16


To order call our Technical Department at (800) 456-4721.
Questions? Email HPC Technical Department at hpctech@hpcoatings.com


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