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Archbold, OH — (ReleaseWire) — 07/28/2020 — Recent trends have impacted how insurance companies are viewing car insurance coverage. Auto insurance buyers, recent technologies, and on-demand mobility are impacting traditional car insurance, changing how agents and clients view auto insurance coverage.

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As millennials and generation z begin to purchase car insurance coverage, the way carriers present coverage has changed. The shift in how carriers and independent agencies handle sales and customer service must be addressed with the new generation. In addition, the recent trends in minimalism will require a changed mindset toward car insurance coverage. Insurance agencies that don’t adapt to the upcoming generation will be left in the dark when it comes to marketing auto insurance.

New developments in automobile technology have decreased accidents on the road. To a certain degree, this covers the logistics industry, as well. For example, as preventative technologies continue to impact new vehicles, semi truck insurance premiums and coverage plans will change and will be required by more and more states. For personal vehicles, on the other hand, electronic stability controls are already saving drivers money on their car insurance coverage. As new adaptations arise, agencies will have to modify their assessments to help clients save on their car insurance.

On-demand mobility is offsetting car ownership, therefore, decreasing the need for car insurance altogether. Apps like Ridesharing, Lyft, and Uber are making on-demand mobility convenient and decreasing the necessity for automobile purchases. Other eco-friendly transportation alternatives are impacting the new generation, as environmental consciousness deters newer generations from purchasing automobiles for transportation.

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