appearance coatings

Appearance Coatings

HPC offers hi-tech appearance coatings to make your method of rapid transit look great.  HiPerCrystal™ coatings are much more durable then enamel paints and powder coatings and offer excellent resistance to scratching, chipping and chemicals, even DOT3 brake fluid.  Unlike powder coating, HiPerCrystal will easily withstand temperatures of 600° F.  These coatings are especially suited for components such as valve covers, air-inlet tubes, brackets, brake calipers, suspension pieces, motorcycle and ATV frames, wheels, air cleaners and just about anything else metal.  HPC’s appearance coatings are available in the following colors.

HiPerCrystal™ Blue

HiPerCrystal™ Red

HiPerCrystal™ Green

HiPerCrystal™ Cobalt Blue

HiPerCrystal™ Raspberry

HiPerCrystal™ Purple


HiPerCoat® Polished Aluminum

HiPerCoat® on intake and valve cover of Kicker’s® PT Cruiser

Sapphire HiPerCrystal

Ruby HiPerCrystal

HiPerCrystal Green Edelbrock® Intake

HiPerCrystal Raspberry & Cobalt Blue

Hammertone HiPerColor

HiPerCoat™ HiLuster Finish Coated Intake Manifold

HiPerCoat™ HiLuster


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