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Pure Hell In racing, performance comes first.  HPC knows this and develops coatings that not only look good but are functional.  Both HiPerCoat® and HiPerCoat Extreme™ reduce underhood temperatures and increase the speed of exhaust flow through the headers and exhaust system.

HPC’s performance engine coatings reduce friction, adding life to components and increasing horsepower.  Thermal Barrier Coatings keep heat where you want it.  By being able to control heat you can make it work for you, instead of against you.  Browse the following pages for more information on HPC’s coatings and how they can help you.


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HPC’s line of appearance coatings are perfect for those items that need to look great for long periods of time and are exposed to gasoline, alcohol, nitromethane, brake fluid or antifreeze.  We even have coatings for magnesium that will easily stand up to nitromethane.  Many Top Fuel teams today use this coating on their injector hats and valve covers.

To compliment and care for your HPC coated components HPC also offers a line of cleaners, high performance header gaskets and HiPerCoat coated bolts.  Check our our accessories page more information.

Classic Rods

Street rods are a special breed. HPC understands this and offers several coatings to fill this need.

Noted builders and fabricators such as Roy Brizio, Troy Trepanier and Posies use HPC to keep their creations looking and performing their best.

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HiPerCoat® exhaust coating protects headers against rust and corrosion while providing a beautiful, stain resistant finish that will not discolor like chrome or stainless steel.  HiPerCoat is also available in colors such as semi-gloss black and gray, flat blue, red, and green.

HPC also has performance engine coatings such as our S-Series solid dry film lubricants and our TBC thermal barrier coating.  These coatings will not only increase the life of engine components but will also increase power and help to reduce oil temperatures and increase fuel efficiency.

HPC’s line of appearance coatings, HiPerColor™, HiPerCoat and HiPerCrystal™ will add long-term good looks to your car.  HPC’s line of appearance coatings are much more durable than powder coating (although we do that too) and are resistant to many common chemicals including gasoline, oil, antifreeze and brake fluid.

HPC’s No Leaker™ block hugger headers are just that. Designed for discriminating street rod builders and owners, this header for small and big block Chevrolet engines is built from the best materials and with a revolutionary design. Check these out for the ultimate in street rod exhaust. Questions? Email HPC Technical Department

Import Market

Import Car Today’s import performance cars demand more of engine and drivetrain components than they were ever designed to handle.  That’s why HPC coatings are so important to these cars.  HPC’s coatings will help increase power output and extend the life of critical parts, while adding some class and style with highly attractive appearance coatings. Trick that ride out to get the most horse power out of your car and look good doing it.
HiPerCoat® & HiPerCoat Extreme™
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