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Currently, anyone carefully observing modern professional racing cars will certainly see the many similarities from aerospace technology. The sharp, aviation tuned eye, will see a fascinating use of aerodynamics generating “lots of down force” with a minimum of drag coefficient, various types of composites for strength vs. reduces weight and hi-tech data acquisition equipment equal to any “Fortune 500” company’s research department.

A common problem with aircraft and racecars alike is heat management, or the ability to reduce engine compartment ambient temperatures. Some categories of racecars can generate EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) in excess of 1700° F! It is not uncommon to see racecars or aircraft fail because of electronic components being “heat soaked” to the point of breakdown. Given these quite similar situations, every method of reducing engine compartment temperature directly relates to a safer environment for all components, accessories and occupants.

HPC has revolutionized the exhaust component industry with highly developed coating technology. Testimonial to this achievement is 16 Daytona 500 and 15 Indianapolis 500 wins during our 19-year history. With such a rich racing heritage and the many performance improvements that have become so well accepted, you will find HPC products on OEM applications worldwide. Some aerospace manufacturers are currently increasing performance and component life in their products with a variety of HPC coating applications.

This strong foundation and over 19 years of coating technology development positions HIGH PERFORMANCE COATINGS INC. (HPC) as a pioneering leader in this field. From that experience comes a variety of coatings offering sport aviation the  same benefits provided national defense contractors, automotive and marine OEM’s and professional racing teams worldwide.

HPC currently manufactures and applies coatings specifically engineered for a wide variety of environments. HPC’s line of coatings include those that protect against corrosion, thermal fatigue and oxidation, some can reduce heat radiance more than 50 % and others are designed to reduce coefficients of friction. HPC coatings have found their way to the experimental aircraft brotherhood as a result of racing team members who use their products on racecars and realize those benefits can be gained with their aircraft.

Dago Red - 5-Time Unlimited Class National Champion

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