Car Color Trends 2021

In the 2021-2023 Automotive Styling Shades Trendbook, Clariant connects the past with the future. The new guide anticipates subdued amid vibrant color shocks to reflect the significant changes shaping mobility in the coming decade.

The latest edition of Clariant’s popular color inspiration and support resource, which was launched at the European Coatings Show, also takes a step forward in terms of convenience and content to capture the imagination of its strong audience of followers within the automotive paint and coatings industry, as well as designers and trend analysts at OEMs.

Viewers will be taken on a historical journey to learn how and why color in automobiles has changed over the past century before journeying into the future to learn about the impact of changing mobility trends on color preferences in 2021-2023.

“Remembering prior automobile colors exposes technological leaps, long-term trends, and connections that help us make more reasonable future predictions,” says the author “Clariant’s senior worldwide technical marketing manager, Bernhard Stengel-Rutkowski, acknowledged as much. 

“Never before, however, had these forecasts had to account for such a massive amount of disturbance. Business models that have stood the test of time must now adapt to an unprecedented number of changes. Electrification and digitization, urbanisation, autonomous driving, car sharing, and even whole new modes of travelling on and above the earth are all expected to have a significant impact on automobile colour.”

The trend hues for the next years challenge traditional formulation expertise and take advantage of synergies between new effect pigments and Clariant’s organic pigments. They’re not only pretty and colorful, but they also address ongoing challenges in coatings formulation. For example, how to use LIDAR technology to identify dark cars, produce a color travel effect that works on white, or replicate a fluorescence effect under a UV-absorbing clear lacquer.

Clariant’s future color palettes reflect this fast-paced transition to a more urban and digital future. While some customers would seek comfort in more subdued tones, others will seek out energetic, vibrant colors that explode off the page.

The 2021-2023 Automotive Styling Shades Trendbook also recognizes Pigment Red 254, the industry’s most extensively used red pigment and the comeback of red shades since the millennium. Clariant’s pioneering development of a more environmentally friendly version of the pigment-based on the renewable ingredient bio-succinic acid coincides with the publication of this in-depth feature.

The new Trendbook is completed with samples covered with original paint in all of the color shades.

“Clariant’s colour expertise is highly valued by automotive paint suppliers, as well as designers and trend scouts from businesses that have nothing to do with vehicles,” said John Dunne, head of Clariant’s Business Unit Pigments. 

“As one of the few pigment producers leading the industry in trend colour forecasting, our interpretations of how the changing world and emerging technologies will influence consumer colour preferences over the next decade have become a solid source of inspiration and business decisions for our customers.”

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