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If you want your ride cleaned like it just came out of the dealership, then look no farther than Changming Carwash in Garapan.

Owner Zheng Xuezhen said the carwash has been in businesses since 2005 and originally was next to the former Round 2 Bar & Grill along Garapan Street before moving 500 feet to its latest location on the adjacent street.

“We opened at our new location in November 2017 ready to welcome our old and new customers,” she said.

Changming Carwash only uses rainwater and Armor All car care products. (Contributed Photo)

The move was for the better, as Changming Carwash now had more room. That allowed Zheng to install an airconditioned lounge for customers. She said this allows their customers to wait in the airconditioned comfort of their new lounge. “Our new location is bigger, [with] better light, and, of course, an airconditioned lounge.”

Zheng said what sets Changming Carwash apart from other auto detailing services on island is their “long history of car washing and rich work experience.”

Changming Carwash has increased its prices only a tad since it first opened 15 years ago. “The price has not changed much from 2005 to now,” Zheng said, as full detailing (inside and outside) of sedans costs only $15 and pickups and SUVs $20-$25.

Changming Carwash has a full staff that guarantees your vehicle will be spick and span in 30 minutes tops. (Contributed Photo)

Changming Carwash also exclusively uses rainwater to better protect the vehicles they wash and only uses Armor All car care products in detailing.

A full staff also allows them to finish their detailing job in half an hour tops, according to Zheng.

Currently, the carwash has a loyalty card promotion where 10 cleanups (inside and outside cleaning) gets you one free service.

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