Stops Chrome Parts from Discoloring, Even at High Temperatures!

We have developed a nanotechnology process called ChromeShield„¢ with nPowered„¢ nanotechnology. When applied to chrome plated substrates that are prepared and cured through proprietary processes, ChromeShield„¢ seals the porosity of the chrome down to the molecular level – typically below ten nanometers in scale. The process protects the chrome from an oxidation process that occurs when chrome is subjected to high temperatures which opens the pores of the chrome, allows oxygen to interact with the source materials in the chrome plating chemistry and turns the once bright chrome shades of yellow, gold, blue and/or black. This revolutionary process utilizes Jet-Hot’s nPowered„¢ nanotechnology and is exclusive to Jet-Hot„¢.


When the ChromeShield„¢ with nPowered„¢ nanotechnology process is used on chrom parts, it provides a microscopic but highly effective barrier to ensure your parts look as good at 100,000 miles as they did the day they were purchased. The ChromeShield„¢ with nPowered„¢ nanotechnology process was developed over years of research in the field of nanotechnology.

The application precess is done at one of our four regional facilities. Because it requires the use of proprietary specialized prepping, coating and curing equipment, the formula is not able to be applied by the end user. Because Jet-Hot„¢ is the only applicator of ChromeShield„¢ with nPowered„¢ nanotechnology, the quality of the process is assured and the end user will receive a guarantee of satisfaction with each job.

“Initial markets for the ChromeShield„¢ process will undoubtedly include exhaust and engine parts on motorcycles, race vehicles, trucks, recreational vehicles and other automotive applications,” said Lance Kress, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Jet-Hot„¢. “Since the invention of chrome the popularity of ‘bling’ on vehicles has grown to be a passion. Chrome typically has not been used where engine and exhaust gas temperatures will rapidly discolor the finish. As word has leaked out regarding ChromeShield’s„¢ ability to stop the discoloration of chrome parts, we have already received multiple inquiries from engine builders, parts manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers and multiple other sources. The response among our test partners has been incredible.”

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