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HPC Inc. History

HPC was founded in 1982 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

HPC was founded in 1982 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma . From the first operational year, HPC was established as a worldwide leader in advanced coatings technology. Four years later, HPC headquarters were moved to Salt Lake City, Utah .

Using proprietary coatings of the type that were previously only available to the military aerospace industry, HPC created a niche market for protective, corrosion resistant, lubritic and thermal barrier coatings for the racing and automotive aftermarket. In the subsequent years since, HPC has developed numerous coatings for a wide range of applications.

Beginning in 1997, HPC focused development on broad market, non-racing applications. After 5 years of product development, testing and account development, HPC began in 2002 to secure key corporate accounts from some of the largest manufacturers of commercial trucks, recreational vehicles, and motorcycles and new market areas that include medical devices, aerospace, aviation, oil and gas and other industries.

Under nCoat, Inc HPC opened its East Coast location in North Carolina with its state-of-the-art nano-featured and micron particulate high performance coatings.

HPC was acquired by nCoat in late 2005.

In August 9, 2006 High Performance Coatings, Inc announced the opening of its new East Coast facility to produce and apply state-of-the-art nano-formulated and micron particulate high performance coatings.

The new 55,000 square foot HPC plant will include facilities to anchor East Coast operations, including production, sales and marketing, engineering, manufacturing and distribution. The facility is located in Whitsett, N.C.