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® €“ High Performance Coatings is the leader in OEM performance coatings and processes for an ever changing industrial marketplace.  When it comes to coatings and processes €“ THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!

Since 1982, HPC has been helping many industries overcome expensive challenges when it comes to corrosion, friction, heat management and power.  With new nPowered„¢ nanotechnology in our formulas that is exclusive to HPC, we are able to produce coatings and processes that see results no other company is able to match.  Our R&D team works around the clock creating new formulas to keep up with today€™s fast-paced and ever-growing challenges in industries such as diesel engine, industrial, agricultural, marine, oil & gas, military and energy. 

Our coatings and processes have been proven to:

  • Increase part life and prevent corrosion
  • Reduce heat on high temperature components
  • Withstand chemical substrate degradation
  • Increase exhaust flow and create more power
  • Protect against acidic corrosion
  • Reduce friction on components
  • Stop thermal Corrosion

When it comes to performance coatings and processes, there is a difference!  HPC is the only choice for your OEM coating needs.



hpc npowered nano coatings
HPC's OEM nPowered„¢ Coatings
Our unique nPowered„¢ nanocoatings and processes have been specifically engineered for many environments.  Some coatings protect against corrosion, thermal fatigue, and oxidation. Others reduce heat transfer, while some rapidly dissipate heat. Our Solid Dry Film coatings ("S series") reduce the coefficient of friction and provide excellent release properties.  Others retain or shed chemical or petroleum products.  HPC offers coatings and processes for just about any OEM application.

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