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Defense is a field with many varied challenges to try and over come. Each situation is unique and needs special attention, especially when lives are on the line. HPC has been able to rise to the call with coatings to keep those kasons rolling along. Lubritic water repelling coatings help keep weaponry in top condition with low drag on ammunitions. With HPC’s flexibility because of having an on board engineering staff nothing keeps us from finding the right solution for the situation.

A defense contractor that manufactures the cases for long range missiles had problems with their welds during the manufacturing process. The expansion and contraction of the metal used in the manufacture required that a heating element be used on the insidediameter of the case. The heating element proved to maintain the temperature on both parts being welded so that a consistent seal was created. However, the weld splatter also stuck to the inside diameter of the case and the fixture being used. HPC verified that a 650F/60 minute cure was acceptable on the part and applied R02 High Temperature Release Coating to the edges that transfer the heat to the case. The temperature required by the fixture was not easily measured. As a result, HPC worked with the worst case scenario. Temperatures of up to 2000F would be seen either by the fixture due to the elements or due to the heat from the welding operation.


HPC Engineering contacted the customer just after one year of operation. The fixtures were still operating like they did when they were freshly coated. There was no indication that the adhesion had failed on any of the areas coated. The release coating was still in good condition without any failures.