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E-Series Extreme High Temperature Coatings

Applications which require a significant surface temperature reduction as a result of high temperature heat soak will benefit from our E-Series coatings.  Designed to operate in temperatures up to 2500° F. this process will protect the substrate from thermal fatigue and oxidation as well as oxidation scaling while reducing skin temperatures by as much as 56%! HPC’s E-Series coating is also FAA approved.

E-Series coatings can be applied to most alloys and are available in black or gray due to color stability over 2000° F (1093° C).

Tubular exhaust headers coated with E-Series. Cylinder #2 is coated with HPC E-Series coating while the others were left bare.  Thermocouples were placed 1″ from exhaust port to measure skin temperature of the low carbon steel tube.  Test was conducted on a Mercruiser 900, 496 cubic inch displacement making 913 horsepower @ 6750 RPM.

Turbo Housings

Diesel Exhaust Manifold Section

Helicopter Exhaust Duct

Turbo Exhaust Manifold and Turbo Housing


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