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Whether it is a coating for the pistons in a race car or a heat reduction coating on a motorcycle engine, it is all about saving energy. While keeping things running smoother and longer is just as much a conservation as turning the unused lights off in your house, there is another type of energy HPC is working with. From turbines powered by water, wind or gas and water vapor escaping the earth to just making a previous process more efficient HPC is using its next generation new technology to hurtle into the future.

Energy is all around us and people are finding new ways to capture and utilize it. Seeking a better, stronger and cleaner method to get powerful results from various types of energy this can be a real challenge. HPC also wants to do things better, stronger and cleaner, with less waste and more output. With on site technitions and engineers working to this end HPC is creating new technologies that will allow energy wasting processes to now become more efficient and longer lasting.

Developed for the defense industry where a high lubricity, high load carrying coating was needed, HPC’s S06 coating has shown great advantages for a number of applications in professional motorsports, including screw jacks for adjusting suspension spring preload and panhard/track bars. S06’s superior lubrication properties make it the ideal coating for screw jacks that tend to gall the threads during adjustment to the suspension because of heat, high preload tension, and track debris. HPC S06 makes quick work of suspension adjustments, saving precious pit stop time. HPC S06 is available in black and blue and can be applied to many alloys including aluminum, titanium and all steels, new or used. Call us toll free at (800) 456-4721 or visit our website at for more information on HPC’s solid dry film lubricants and other HPC coatings. Benefits of HPC S06: Prevents galling and seizing during adjustment Makes suspension adjustments easier and quicker Dramatically improves component life Can be applied to new and used parts