“E Series” TBC Thermal Barrier Coatings

Applications which require a significant surface temperature reduction as a result of high temperature “heat soak” will benefit from our “E Series” coatings. Designed to operate in temperatures up to 2500 degrees F., this process will protect the substrate from thermal fatigue/oxidation as well as oxidation scaling while reducing skin temperatures by as much as 56%!  HPC’s “E Series” coating is also FAA approved.

E-Series coatings are applicable to most alloys and are available in black or blue due to color stability over 1800 deg F. 

Exhaust headers coated with E-13.  Cylinder #2 is coated while the others were left bare.  Thermocouples were placed 1″ from exhaust port to measure skin temperature of the low carbon steel tube.  Test conducted on a Mercruiser 900, 496 cubic inch displacement, 913 horsepower @ 6750 RPM.

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