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Frequently Asked Questions

Can used headers and exhaust components be coated and if so do I get the same warranty as a new set of headers?

Yes.  Actually we process as many used exhaust components as we do new ones.  New or used, the results are he same.  HPC offers the same limited lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion forming under the coating on used parts that we do on new parts.  Used parts will need to be subjected to a multi-step stripping process to remove contaminants, rust and combustion residue.  There is a small charge for stripping, please contact HPC for pricing as this may vary from country to country.

Some coating companies offer a “lifetime warranty” which , when read between the lines is far from lifetime. How does HPC’s Limited Lifetime Warranty work?

HPC’s exhaust system coating is designed to provide outstanding corrosion and thermal fatigue protection.  The coating must sacrifice itself, therefore not allowing any corrosion to form or undercut.  At some point the coating must sacrifice itself to the extent that it will eventually be totally spent.  Unlike other coating companies we pride ourselves in the fact that we will always recoat your components.  HPC will recoat your exhaust components free for the first three years. This would be the period in which any defects in coating or application would show up.  After three years we only charge 50% of the cost of coating. This is due to the sacrificial nature of the coating. It may take twenty years to get to the point of needing to be recoated, but we will do it.  Also, you do not have to wait for the header to rust through like with other companies.

I hear all kinds of claims regarding horsepower gains and temperature reductions from header coatings, what can I really expect?

HPC has been providing its services to more professional racing teams world wide than all other coating companies combined!  We have proven our worth at Daytona, Indy, and Lemans.  Although HPC is more concerned with improving the life of your exhaust components, performance gains are usually in the 1% – 3% range for HiPerCoat® exhaust coating products. These gains are proportional to the engine output. 

Due to recent misleading claims made by other companies regarding temperature reductions with their exhaust coating (because of improper measurement methods), HPC has prepared a technical report on the proper usage of handheld infrared thermometers.

How do I send my parts in?

Use the online order form, this has the addresses as well as the information we need to process your components.  We use UPS as our preferred shipper, their rates are very reasonable and will gladly handle large packages such as headers and exhaust systems.

What is your turn around time?

Turn around time can vary depending on the time of the year.  Summer months are usually 3 - 5 business days, winter is usually 5 - 10 business days due to the heavy load of parts being processed during the off race and street rodding months. 

How much does it cost?

HPC has printed price sheets that are available for mailing.  This ensures that when you call the toll free 800 number that you will get the price quoted at any of our facilities. Be sure to call or e-mail if you have any questions, especially for pricing in our Australia, New Zealand and France facilities.

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How do I pay?

In the U.S. we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover as well as personal and business checks for COD.  All checks are guaranteed through Telecheck®, and please be aware that extra COD fees may apply.  Be sure to check the appropriate box on the processing form.


Have a Question?

If what you want to know was not covered in our Frequently Asked Questions section feel free to go to our Email HPC section on the Contact page.