H Series – High Temperature Coatings

Product Identification: HPC H Series Coatings

General Information:

H Series coatings are made up of inorganic materials to provide high temperature service under various conditions. This type of coating incorporates an inorganic binder system containing aluminum. The coating does not contain any VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). Due to the galvanic activity of the matrix of the coating, H Series coatings provide excellent protection from corrosion to the substrate. H Series also prevents corrosion resulting from undercutting of the coating.

H Series coatings are designed to be sacrificial. This protects the substrate metal from corrosion and thermal fatigue. H01 or H05 may be used as a corrosion barrier primer for painting and/or other topcoats. H01 and H05 are available as polished aluminum, satin, brushed, or topcoated finishes.

These coatings are durable and functional with a high level of malleability with excellent adhesion. H01 and H05 have a low emissivity for reducing the absorbance of infrared thermal energy. This effect is also the reason that the coatings will cool quicker than the substrate material.

H Series coatings also allow the parts to maintain a uniform temperature over the entire area of the substrate material. When the coatings are used in high temperature exhaust gas path applications, the temperature in the tube is maintained uniformly throughout the pipe, allowing the low air density to be decreased. Increased gas path temperatures and decreased pressures assist in increased engine efficiencies.

H Series coating application closely reflects the thermal expansion rate of the substrate where applied, eliminating separation, stress cracks, and delamination of the coating.

H Series coatings can be further protected by using a two-coat system that further protects against oxidation from galvanic activity. These coating systems are available in semi gloss black, gray, red, forest green, and dark blue.

Additional coats may be applied to give increased thickness and longer corrosion resistance.

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Product Specifications

VOC’s (%): 0% – There are no VOC’s in this material.
Dry Film Thickness (single coat): 0.6 – 2 mil (0.0006 – 0.002 inch)
Bond Strength: 10,000 psi
Service Temperature: -350°F < 1200°F (-212°C - 648°C) Continuous without loss of aesthetics
Corrosion resistance:
Salt Spray B117-95/PTP 1019: Single coat: 500+ hrs
Topcoated: 500-1000 hrs
Multiple coats: 3000+ hrs
Note: No red rust evident through the coating at the end of salt spray testing. White exfoliation of aluminum is acceptable.
Applicable Substrates: Glass, ceramic, stainless steel, cold rolled steel, low carbon steel, titanium, Inconel®, high nickel alloys, and aluminum.
Non Applicable Substrates: Copper, pot metal and magnesium.

Coating may be bent 180° as per ASTM D522-93a using a ¼” conical mandrel with a 2 mil thickness of coating or less without loss of adhesion on mild steel Q-Panel® test panel.

H01 Gray to polished aluminum (depending on finish)
H02 Black semi-gloss
H05 Gray to polished aluminum (depending on finish)
H10 OEM Cast iron gray semi-gloss
H13 Dark royal blue – flat
H16 Forest green semi-gloss
H17 Primary red semi-gloss


Parts must be prepared to prevent organic contaminants that will inhibit the water based application. Coating is applied using conventional air spray techniques and equipment.

H01 and H05 are basecoats or primers. All other coatings are topcoats to provide additional functionality and/or color finish.


H Series coatings are cured at a part metal of temperature of 450°F – 650°F (232°C- 343°C) for a period of 45 to 90 minutes. Cure temperature and times vary due to alloys and mass.


Parts are then finished according to whether or not they are to be polished or topcoated with a passivation coating.

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