If you are looking for an excellent place to store your web page, Vyzynz is your answer! We only use top of the line Sun servers with a very fast connection. We have two different packages for your storage needs. The business account and < I>virtual server packages are broken down for you below.

Package Name Monthly Price This Includes:
Business Account $38.501 unlimited Internet access dial-up account*
6 E-Mail addresses (
10 Meg of web space
Your web page address w ould be:
Virtual Server $75.00 1 unlimited Internet access dial-up acount*
6 E-Mail addresses (
50 Meg of web space
Detailed statist ics pages tracking all of the activity on your site
Secure Server with 128 bit encryption for safe Credit Card transactions
Ability to ad d passworded directories
Stored on a very fast server for quick access
Your web page address would be: www.your_com

* If you live in the Salt Lake Valley or surrounding areas.

If you would like to sign up for a Business Account, please call or e-mail us and ask us to send/fax you a sign up sheet.

If you are looking for a Virtual Server, before you sign up, you will need to make sure that your domain name ( is not being used by anyone else. Please use the field below to type in the name of the web address that you would lik e to have. If it is already taken, then information will be displayed about the ower of that domain name. Press your “Back” button & try another name.

Domain Name:

eg. your_company


If that server is slow, try InterNic directly here.

Now that you have found a name that is not taken, you are ready to sign up for your virtual account. There are several ways to do this. Fill out our online application, or call or e-mail us and we can fax you a sign up sheet.

Our phone number is 801-596-7795 and our e-mail address is Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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