How Many Miles Will An Electric Car Run On One Charge?

With the cost of an electric car declining and more charging stations being made available, many people are considering buying one. By 2030 it is expected that there will be over 145 million cars with this type in total!

Before investing in an electric vehicle, it’s only normal that potential drivers have some concerns. One major factor is range: almost half of all people are worried they won’t be able to charge their car when needed and will run out on the road.

This anxiousness is standing in the way of many potential EV drivers taking their first plunge into electric mobility. While this fear can be understandable, recent research shows that most current e-vehicle owners hadn’t had any problems charging when they needed to!

The range is one of the most frequently asked questions surrounding electric cars. There’s no single answer to this question, as it depends on multiple factors, but we can give you an overview of how many miles an electric car runs on one charging or how far they go on average.

How Far Do Electric Cars Go On Average? 

The normal range of electric vehicles has been increasing over the past few years. In 2011, there were just three different models on offer, and their full charge capacities ranged from 100 km to 150 miles (63-94kilometers). Today though, this number is much higher at 313 kilometers per charge!

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