How To Remove Factory Automotive Window Tint With Heat Gun

There could be any reason you might want to remove your car window tint. Maybe the color has faded after years of wear and tear, or maybe it’s just time for an upgrade! Whatever the case may be – it is better to remove the tint film yourself from your car window. This is how you will save your money and securely remove the tint. Below we have mentioned easy steps to remove the window tint yourself.

Step 1

Use the heat gun on the outside of your window to warm up adhesive and tinting. If you try heating from within, there’s a chance that it will melt away with all its sticky goodness! Keep your heating gun at least 4-6 inches away to not damage the tint, and it will get stick to the window.

Step 2

As you start in one corner, peel off the tinting from inside. Work slowly to avoid tearing it and having small pieces for work with! If needed, reheat your window outside again to melt the adhesive.

Step 3

Use a razor blade to remove the tint from your car window. Place the blade at an angle to contact glass and not just plastic, then carefully shave away until all residue is gone!

Step 4

After removing the tint from your window, spray some adhesive remover onto it. Let this sit for 10-12 minutes, and then wash away any leftover residue with clean water to complete the cleaning process!

Step 5

Use the razor and steel wool to help work your way through a section of tint. You can avoid large messes by wiping away any leftover adhesive or remover as you go!

Step 6

When you’re done cleaning, apply some adhesive remover and scrape until all the residue is gone. Use window cleaner to wash away any left on your windows!

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