How to Take Care of your Car

As a grown individual one of the most basic life skills you need to gain is how to care for your own car. You no longer can rely on anyone else doing it for you and you can’t keep putting it off either. Regular care for your car may sound tedious, but it actually will be saving your life and your money down the road. A well-maintained car is far less likely to break down than a neglected one. 

So, where do you begin and how do you go about caring for your car? We have rounded up professional advice and recommendations for you to learn from.

First Clean your Car

“Taking good care of your car comes down to some basic things. These include washing your car once a week with a clean sponge and basic dish soap, using window cleaner on the inside and outside of the car, vacuuming the inside and cleaning the mats, shining the tires and spraying a lasting scent like vanilla. These may seem like simple tasks, but keeping up with them weekly is the true challenge.”

Sean O’Brien, Chief Marketing Officer at Modloft

Basic Maintenance

“In my years of experience, here are the best ways to take care of your car:

Change Your Oil Regularly: Your vehicle requires oil for the engine to be lubricated. Oil also stops any detergent. If your oil is not fresh, dirt will accumulate and will end up destroying your engine. You should change your oil every 5,000 miles. Make sure that you should also use a reputable brand such as Mobil 1.

“Check Your Tire Pressure At Least Once A Month: Replacing your may cost you up to $700 and tire rotation is up to $50. However, getting an accident or getting stranded because of a busted tire is even more expensive. It’s why it’s important that you have your tire pressure checked at least once a month. You should also have your tires rotated every 5,000 miles.

Clean The Inside And Outside Of Your Vehicle at Least Once Every Two Weeks: A car that’s not cleaned will eventually accumulate dirt and grime which may break your vehicle’s exterior and interior. You need to have your vehicle washed at least once every two weeks. The exterior should also be waxed and the interior should be vacuumed and wiped.”

Arnold Chapman, Founder & CEO –

Follow your Maintenance Schedule

“The best thing I can advise to take care of your car is to make sure you follow your maintenance schedule. Make sure you’re getting your oil changed every 3-10k miles (depending on what type of vehicle you have), having belts changed as recommended, performing tune-ups, etc. Sure, there are some things you can bypass, but many of the recommendations at set miles help to keep your car going strong for a long time.” 

Nicole Miskelley, manager of PMR  (Preventive, Maintenance, Repair) – an auto & diesel repair shop

Maintenance Schedule

First, basic maintenance after every 5000KM (7500KM in some models). The maintenance content is basically to replace the oil, filter, check the steam filter (many cars now have no steam filter), air filter. If they are dirty, replaced them together. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the brake discs and linings need to be replaced, whether the brake fluid needs to be refilled and the condition of the tires. Second, regular maintenance of every 3 years or after every 40,000KM. In addition to basic maintenance, it is also necessary to clean the fuel injector, throttle, and air intake system. Also, the gearbox oil, front and rear axle oil, as well as antifreeze, brake oil, etc. need to be replaced. At the same time, check tire wear conditions and replace them if necessary. Third, major maintenance. Generally occurs after the vehicle has traveled 100,000KM. It means a comprehensive physical examination and replacement according to the situation. At this time, the circuit, transmission mechanism, etc. should be checked. The maintenance should be done, which has a lot to do with the driver of the car. When necessary, listen to the advice of professionals, and even hand over the car to them for a lap, so that they will give you more advice.”

Penny Zhang, Head of Marketing Cloom Tech 


Car maintenance isn’t so hard once you get the hang of it and add it to your routine. It’s a life skill worth making the effort for. Following the recommendations of these professionals from the automobile industry will get you started on the road to a ‘healthier car and a happier car-owner. While you continue to work with your car, you will also soon gain enough knowledge and expertise to handle some of the basic maintenance and repair work yourself. This will save you even more money with the bonus satisfaction of accomplishing the job yourself!

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