How To Use Heat Gun To Strip Automotive Paint

The best way to remove paint is with a heat gun. A manual task that can be made much easier and faster by using this tool. 

The warmth a heat gun generates causes paint to melt slightly, giving it an easy-to-scrape consistency that’s much more tolerable when compared to dry and flaky surfaces. This method works well with many types of materials as well!

Before you gather your heat gun and paint scraper to get to work, review some of the basics of heat-gun paint removal. Here’s what you need to know for this project:

How to use your heat gun

Heat guns can be dangerous if used incorrectly. The hot air they produce could reach temperatures of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. It’s not a tool that should be around young children or pets in your home. They may get injured by this high-temperature gaseous output from the device, which would cause severe burns due to contact with their skin!

With the right precautions, your heating and cooling equipment can be safe as well. When working with heat guns, users should wear gloves to protect themselves from burns while also clearing away flammable materials around them like paint thinner or acetone, which could ignite if they come into contact with these liquids by accident.

When you’re ready to safely start the project, make sure there’s a drop cloth beneath your working area. Once heated paint has cooled off and is hard enough that scraping it up will not easily remove from wherever it lands – like onto any nearby surfaces or flooring material- then dispose of in an appropriate container for disposal purposes only!

To remove paint with a heat gun, hold the tool about 18 inches away from any surface and keep moving in one direction. If you see bubbles or changes of form coming up on your object when it’s heated, then use an extra scraper blade attachable to handle, as this will help smooth out those bumps before they have time to harden into cracks.

Once all the paint is gone, finish with a mineral spirits wash. You must cool down any area in which you are applying this product because it can be flammable!

When removing from around windows, use caution not to overheat glass- using lower temperature for dual heat guns will help avoid an accident here too, as well

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