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When it comes to agricultural coatings and processes . . .

HPC has a wide range of coatings designed to help the Agricultural industry increase productivity, enhance the life of machinery, and protect from the elements. We provide solutions in many areas including heat management, corrosion protection, friction reduction and substrate protection.

We provide thermal protection for exhaust components on farm equipment. Our heat management coatings also offer protection on parts that may suffer from acidic and thermal corrosion or other types of corrosion caused by harsh environments. Our solid dry film coatings reduce friction on internal engine components reducing maintenance costs.  HPC has developed nPowered„¢ nanocoatings that when used in diesel pathways on farm equipment, their engines have shown increased durability and corrosion resistance.  These nPowered„¢ nanocoatings are exclusive to HPC, are not available from any other company, and are the reason why we are the leader in agricultural coatings and processes.

HPC€™s coatings are designed to:

  • Increase Part Life and Prevent Corrosion
  • Reduce Heat on High-Temperature Components
  • Withstand Chemical Substrate Degradation
  • Bond to Almost any Substrate Providing Excellent Adhesion
  • Protect Against Acidic and Thermal Corrosion
  • Reduce Friction on Internal Engine Components


When the elements and harsh environments are creating increased maintenance costs and time, HPC has solution for you!  That why with HPC, there is a difference!


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HPC€™s nPowered„¢ advanced nanocoatings are specially designed for agricultural applications where parts and components are exposed to the elements and harsh environments.  In situations where other materials can not provide consistent protection, HPC€™s nanocoatings are a sure way to reduce maintenance costs and save money.  They are formulated for various conditions and have the ability to protect against chemical substrate degradation, thermal and acidic corrosion and provide cooling in thermally stressed assemblies.


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