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S Series - Anti-Corrosion Coatings

Product Identification: HPC S Series Coatings

General Information:

S Series advanced fluoropolymer coatings are designed for applications in harsh chemical or temperature environments where other materials cannot provide consistent substrate corrosion protection.

HPC coatings are formulated for various conditions determined by the specific environment and/or mechanical requirements, including the ability to reduce friction, protect chemical substrate degradation, and provide cooling in thermally stressed assemblies. HPC fluoropolymer thermoset coatings are capable of bonding to nearly any substrate providing excellent adhesion. These include ceramics, aluminum, carbon and nickel alloy steels, some plastics and composites. Coatings contain proprietary inert ingredients contributing to enhanced properties with multiple functionalities in stressed chemical and thermal environments.

Advanced fluoropolymer coating formulations include ingredients for a nonstick surfaces eliminating oil clinging to the part. S Series coatings increases heat transfer from the part by increasing the efficiency of oil shedding. By removing heat, part life and mechanical properties continue to operate effectively. Additional formulations include the ability to attract oil to surfaces that have a load bearing requirement for continuous lubrication.

The use of molybdenum disulfide, PTFE, and other functional fillers provide the coatings unique characteristics. Wear resistance is increased with the use of S Series coatings on various substrates. Solid dry film coatings are designed for light load and limited motion. Coatings in a lubricated application provide the ability to increase the pressures and motion.

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Product Specifications

VOC content: 5 €“ 8 lbs/gallon
Dry Film Thickness (single coat): 0.6 €“ 2 mil (0.0006 €“ 0.002 inch)
Service Temperature: -350°F €“ 550°F (-212°C - 287°C) Continuous
Corrosion resistance: Can achieve up to 3000 hrs (B117 Salt Spray)
Chemical Resistance: Highly resistant to sulfuric, nitric, hydrochloric acids and many caustic/basic materials.
Applicable Substrates: Glass, ceramic, stainless steel, cold rolled steel, low carbon steel, titanium, Inconel®, high nickel alloys, copper, magnesium, aluminum, composites, and plastics that will withstand the cure temperatures required.

Coating may be bent 180° as per ASTM D522-93a using a ¼€ conical mandrel with a 2 mil thickness of coating or less without loss of adhesion on mild steel Q-Panel® test panel.

Many coatings can also aid in providing a barrier for dissimilar metals in contact from galvanic corrosion. Galling, fretting, scuffing, cyclical operation, abrasion, erosion, and wear reduction can be significantly reduced.


General surface preparation practices for best results.
Preparation may include the following depending on the characteristics and substrates used:

Part degrease, grit blast, cleaning, corrosion inhibiting primer, passivation compounds, phosphates, etc.


S Series coatings are cured at a part metal of temperature of 350°F - 650°F (177°C- 343°C) for a period of 20 to 90 minutes. Cure temperature and times vary due to alloys and mass.

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