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Diesel Engines
When it comes to diesel engine coatings . . .

HPC's OEM coatings help Diesel Engines cut down on emissions and improve gas mileageHPC€™s coatings set the highest standard for improving the performance and durability of automotive exhaust systems in addition to other components.  We are now dedicated to meeting the needs of truck owners and truck manufacturers with coatings and processes designed to keep rigs rolling with greater efficiency and less maintenance.  Coating with HPC isn€™t a gamble.  It€™s a guarantee of reduced maintenance and improved performance. 

With new nPowered„¢ nanotechnology that is exclusive to HPC in our coatings and processes, you are sure to get the most technologically advanced formulas on the market.

HPC coats Diesel Engines internal components and exhaust partsHPC provides coatings for EGR systems that prevent thermal and acidic corrosion as well as prevent chemical substrate degradation and extend part life.  We offer thermal barrier coatings for pistons, valves, exhaust ports, and combustion chambers that increase horsepower and help with fuel efficiency.  Our solid dry film lubricants reduce friction between moving parts in engines, transmissions, and differentials.  With new nPowered„¢ nanotechnology  - that is exclusive to HPC - in our coatings and processes, you are sure to get the most technologically advanced formulas on the market.  Whatever the challenge, HPC can help save you time and money.

With today€™s stringent emissions standards, increased engine demands and cost saving measures, OEM manufacturers look to us to provide quality coatings to fulfill their needs. HPC's advanced nPowered„¢ nanocoatings decrease engine base metal degradation and reduce costs associated with down time and warranty claims.  Our coatings and processes:

  • Extend Part Life
  • Prevent Corrosion
  • Help Fuel Efficiency
  • Increase Exhaust Flow
  • Create More Power
  • Reduce friction
  • Contain nPowered„¢ Nanotechnology


Cat manifold coated with high tempManufacturers, fleet owners and others aiming to improve product quality, beat tight deadlines and reduce maintenance can rely on us for technical assistance, customized coatings and on-time turn around.



Suggested usage: Benefits: · Air Charge Lines · Exhaust Manifolds · Exhaust Elbows · Abrasion and impact resistant · Exhaust Tubing · Protective Shields · Thermal Shock Resistance · Excellent Corrosion Resistance (self sacrificial) · Reduced Underhood Temperatures · Weldable · Mufflers · Performance Gains · Rapid Cool Down


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hpc npowered nano coatings

HPC€™s nPowered„¢ advanced fluoropolymer nanocoatings are specially designed for diesel engine applications in harsh chemical and harsh temperature environments where other materials can not provide consistent corrosion protection.  They are formulated for various conditions and have the ability to protect against chemical substrate degradation and provide cooling in thermally stressed assemblies.  HPC has nanocoatings on over 1,000,000 trucks worldwide for many of the world€™s largest manufacturers.


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