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HPC Industrial OEM Industries ServedWhen it comes to the absolute best in industrial coatings and processes . . .

Since 1982, HPC has been engineering coatings and processes that help prevent corrosion, reduce heat and friction, increase power and stop thermal fatigue.  In the industrial marketplace, parts and components are exposed to extremely harsh environments that cause the parts and components to corrode, degrade and fail.  HPC offers specially designed nanocoatings €“ with nPowered„¢ nanotechnology exclusive to HPC €“ that help reduce maintenance costs and time by eliminating the need to replace parts as often. 

On heavy equipment and machinery, our coatings and processes reduce the radiant heat coming off of exhaust parts, extending the life of the parts themselves and other sensitive parts around them by many times.  We offer coatings for EGR systems that prevent acidic and thermal corrosion and stop chemical degradation.  Our anti-friction coatings reduce friction to internal engine components and extend their part life €“ requiring less maintenance costs.

HPC provides coatings for other items used in production facilities that require coatings and processes to reduce maintenance costs.  These items include pulleys, welding components, brackets, rollers, trays, and almost any item that is exposed to a harsh environment that can reduce the integrity of the substrate material.

HPC€™s coatings are designed to:

  • Increase Part Life and Prevent Corrosion
  • Reduce Heat on High-Temperature Components
  • Withstand Chemical Substrate Degradation
  • Bond to Almost any Substrate Providing Excellent Adhesion
  • Protect Against Acidic and Thermal Corrosion
  • Reduce Friction on Internal Engine Components


Whatever the application, HPC has a solution for you!  Our engineers work around the clock to provide you with solutions to save you time and money.  When it comes to industrial application, there is a difference!


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HPC OEM nPowered nano coatings

HPC€™s nPowered„¢ advanced nanocoatings are specially designed for industrial applications where parts and components are exposed to harsh environments.  In situations where other materials can not provide consistent protection, HPC€™s nanocoatings are a sure way to reduce maintenance costs and save money.  They are formulated for various conditions and have the ability to protect against chemical substrate degradation, thermal and acidic corrosion and provide cooling in thermally stressed assemblies.


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