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Having started in the racing and street rodding markets, HPC offers many coatings for motorsports of all kinds. HPC's HiPerCoat® ceramic-aluminum coating revolutionized the header industry in 1982, and today is still the exhaust coating to which all others are compared. HPC's HiPerCoat Extreme„¢, with its 2000° F capability is the choice of top import racers, NASCAR, CART and IRL teams.

HPC also offers thermal barrier coatings for pistons, valves, exhaust ports, and combustion chambers that increase horsepower and reduces fuel consumption. Solid dry film lubricants that reduce friction between moving parts in engines, transmissions, and differentials. And appearance coatings to improve the looks of many different components.

HPC's involvement with motorsports goes back the first day we swung our doors open in 1982.  With numerous Indy and Daytona 500 winners and many drag racing world champions on our client list over the past 21 years, HPC has proven its performance and durability in the most extreme environments.


Because of HPC's ground breaking coatings technology we are committed to providing the OEM industry with nano based next generation products.  As a pioneer and innovator in coatings technology HPC continues to be the leader in OEM engineered solutions.

HPC's next generation of coating technology far out performs conventional platings, powder coatings or paints. It provides a functional protective finish that looks great and extends part life. It can be applied to new or used parts and will not corrode, stain or oxidize. Our coating enhances performance, increases functionality and is impact and rust/corrosion resistant.

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