H Series: High Temperature 
Corrosion Resistant Coatings

HPC’s “H Series” of coatings offer a unique binder system combined with ceramic encased aluminum particulates. This allows the coating to be more active electrochemically than the metal substrates they are attached to. This provides a self-sacrificing coating which, when damaged, will not allow the propagation or undercutting of corrosion.

Our “H Series” has proven to be highly effective in the prevention of heat scaling, oxidation, erosion/abrasion and saline corrosion. Corrosion and thermal fatigue, which occur as a result of exposure to cyclical temperatures and chemical environments, can be drastically reduced. It can withstand temperatures of -375 degrees to +1300 degrees F. Unlike plating processes, our “H Series” coatings have no potential of generating hydrogen embrittlement. In terms of bond strength and abrasion resistance, 10,000 psi bond strengths are common. “H Series” coatings can easily withstand hammer impacts without suffering any degradation to the coating, and also provide an adherent conductive coating for non-conductive substrates such as glass and ceramics. These coatings can provide excellent heat retention on items such as exhaust manifolds/ducts, turbo housings, flame arresters and pipe. Inside diameters can be coated, thus enabling the coating to double its insulating properties, while eliminating thermal scale and oxidation build-up. Many colors are available.

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