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Today’s import performance cars demand more of engine and drivetrain components than they were ever designed to handle.  That’s why HPC coatings are so important to these cars.  HPC’s coatings will help increase power output and extend the life of critical parts.

HiPerCoat®.  The coating that revolutionized the exhaust industry back in 1982 is better than ever! HiPerCoat is unmatched for protection against corrosion, burn-through and cracking of headers, manifolds and other exhaust components,setting the standard for quality, appearance and performance.

  • The original ceramic header coating

  • HiPerCoat can be applied inside and out to both new and used components

  • Recommended for applications with component temperatures up to 1300° F

  • Available in high luster polished aluminum, semi-gloss black, gray, blue, red, green and purple

  • Reduces radiant heat from the header and exhaust up to 60%

  • Will not discolor like chrome and stainless

  • Horsepower increases up to 3% from increased exhaust velocity

  • Lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion

  • Rapid cool down of headers and manifolds allows immediate work around the engine

  • Reduces underhood temperatures up to 35%

  • Prevents flow and horsepower-robbing scale and combustion deposit build-up inside header

HiPerCoat Extreme™
was developed for use on extreme temperature applications such as CART, IRL, Formula One and Winston Cup. Unlike other 2000° F coatings, HiPerCoat Extreme will not only protect your components from corrosion, but also has shown reductions in component skin temperature up to 65% and horsepower increases up to 5%! Ideal for turbocharged engines where manifolds, headers and turbos glow red-hot.

  • Reduces skin temperatures of headers, manifolds and turbos up to 65%!

  • Does not damage components like wraps.

  • Protects at temperatures exceeding 2000° F.

  • Reduces underhood heat up to 35%.

  • Increases in horsepower up to 5%.

  • Available in black and gray.

  • Prevents component damage due to high cylinder pressures from NOS and turbocharging.

  • Promotes a more complete burn in the cylinder, increasing horsepower.

  • Reduces heat transfer to the piston rings, increasing life and maintaining cylinder pressure.

  • Prevents micro-welding of the ring to the ring land.

  • Inorganic matrix prevents combustion deposit build-up and pre-ignition.


HPC’s dry film lubricants (S-Series) are available in wettable (retains oil) and non-wettable (sheds oil) varieties and offer exceptional protection to any part that moves against another, creating friction and heat. Able to withstand pressure in excess of 150,000 PSI, HPC S-Series coatings offer reduced friction and wear, freeing up horsepower applied to the ground and greatly increasing component life.

  • Dramatically reduces friction between moving components.

  • Coated valve springs last 3+ times longer than uncoated springs.

  • Great for piston skirts, main and rod bearings, camshafts and followers, valve springs, valve stems and anywhere else metal comes in contact metal.

HPC HiPerCrystal coatings are a unique blend of multifunctional, cross-linked enamels that provide a rich, deep translucent appearance and are much more durable than powder coatings.

  • Functional over 500° F.

  • Very chemical resistant. Even withstands hours of submersion in DOT3 brake fl uid.

  • Deep, translucent colors are UV resistant and will not fade like anodizing.

  • Available in emerald green, sapphire blue, cobalt blue, red, raspberry and purple.

  • Great for valve covers, air intake and intercooler tubing, brackets, intake manifolds and much more.

  • Reduces internal air temperature up to 28%.

  • Custom look when topped with HiPerCrystal.

  • Available in polished aluminum, emerald green, sapphire blue, cobalt blue, red, raspberry and purple

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