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High Performance Coatings has a wide range of coatings designed to help the Agricultural industry to increase productivity, enhance the life of machinery, and protect from the elements. We provide solutions in the areas of heat management, corrosion protection, and substrate protection.

We provide thermal protection for exhaust parts on farm equipment. Our heat management coatings also offer protection on parts that may suffer from rust or other types of corrosion. HPC has developed a Nano based coating that when used in diesel pathways on farm equipment engines has shown increased durability and corrosion resistance.


Farm and agriculture equipment is subject to harsh environmental elements, corrosive chemicals, and temperature extremes. HPC as a line of Advanced Fluoropolymer Coatings have shown to be resistant to acids and bases, reduce friction, protect substrate degradation, and provide thermal protection.

Whether you manufacture agriculture equipment, parts, or offer repair services HPC has a diverse line of coatings to satisfy the demanding needs of an OEM or parts manufacturer.