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Today’s import performance cars demand more of engine and drive-train components. That’s why HPC coatings are so important. With the addition of forced induction and other modifications, these smaller displacement motors create massive amounts of heat, which can lead to future failure. HPC’s coatings will help lower engine bay temperatures, increase power output, and extend the life of critical parts. No longer is it more important to look good first and perform well second, as the saying goes, its function over form, not form over function.

Not only do HPC Coatings perform well, they add class and style, especially with our line of highly attractive Appearance Coatings (link to). If you are looking to transform your ride into the awe of the car show, or impress everyone in your local scene, these are the coatings for you. Want to protect your engine, transmission, or drivetrain from premature wear. Then look to our line for Friction Reduction Coatings (link to) to help protect your ride and keep you on the road. If you are looking to keep your exhaust, intercoolers, and turbo systems cool then you want our line of Heat Management Coatings (link to). Today’s turbo charged engines get hot; in fact some parts glow red. Our coatings help protect your parts from thermal fatigue while maintaining its great looking finish.

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