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Motorcycles…  Few engines make as much horsepower per liter of displacement.  What better an application for performance coatings?  And with so much of a motorcycle visible to the eye, what other type of transportation needs to look good everywhere?  HPC’s coatings are ideal.

Exhaust Coatings:

“The difference on our discolored [Buell] M2 pipe is amazing. It didn’t look this good when it was new!”
        Hot Bike Magazine – June 2000


HPC’s HiPerCoat® exhaust coatings give your bike the custom look that doesn’t go away as you ride it.  Our polished aluminum finish will not turn blue or gold like chrome and stainless and our colors will not fade over time like paints and other high temperature processes.

HiPerCoat is coating of choice by many customizers and several original equipment motorcycle, snowmobile and ATV manufacturers because of HiPerCoat’s durability and quality.  

HiPerCoat reduces the skin temperature of the header up to 35% and heat inside fairings up to 38%, making for a more comfortable rider and passenger and protecting expensive body work and paint.

HiPerCoat is available high luster polished aluminum as well as semi-gloss black, gray, blue, red, green and purple.

Appearance Coatings:

HPC offers hi tech appearance coatings.  HiPerColor™; and HiPerCrystal™; coatings are much more durable then enamel paints and offers excellent corrosion resistance.  These coatings are especially suited for components that see less then 600° F such as engine cases and jugs, suspension components, frames, wheels and anything else metal.  HPC’s appearance coatings are available in many colors.  Our appearance Dry Film coatings offer the best in chemical and impact resistance.  HiPerColor coatings are not effected by many common chemicals including brake fluid and are available in most basic colors.



Engine Coatings:

HPC offers a variety of engine coatings to make more horsepower and promote longer engine life.  HPC’s piston coatings are especially suited to motorcycle engines.  This two step process provides a thermal barrier coating to the combustion face of the piston and a lubritic dry film coating on the skirt.  The thermal barrier coating (TBC) helps maintain combustion temperatures and prevent heat soak to the rings, causing radial tension loss leading to losses in compression and excessive oil consumption.  HPC’s SDF coating on the skirt greatly reduces friction and prevents scuffing and galling of the cylinders.  Oil temperature can be dropped as much as 10° F with these processes.

HPC’s S-Series coating for valve springs can triple the life of valve springs.  By reducing friction and attracting oil to the spring for cooling, valve springs maintain their seat pressure, accurately operating your valve train for maximum horsepower over many miles.  In fact, after 90 minutes at 6,500 RPM (300,000 cycles) HPC coated valve springs had lost only 3.5% (max) of their seat pressure compared to the 15% of uncoated springs.
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