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For over twenty-five years, HPC’s engineers and chemists have worked diligently to provide the most technologically advanced coatings in the world.

We have succeeded.

Through these efforts, our coatings quickly gained recognition amongst some of the largest names in the energy, fuel, and oil industries. Our products have been used on off-shore oil-rigs in the middle of the ocean, in the depths of mines miles under the ground, and even in the fiery environment of nuclear power plants. Through these rigorous ‘in-field’ testing, HPC has proven that our coatings are not only the most advanced in the world, they are the best. Even in the hottest and most corrosive of environments, our coatings have proven their ability to protect the components they are applied to.

Our coatings have been certified by engineers all over the world for use in their projects. HPC’s coatings also have stood up under some of the governments toughest regulatory testing. Our governmental certifications include: