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HPC Reduces Costs by Increasing Component Life!

With a history of over seventeen years on large OEM truck manufactures, High Performance Coatings, Inc. (HPC, Inc.) provides reduced cost and increased component life by eliminating thermal fatigue and oxidation while insuring against turbo and engine damage as a result of ingesting corrosion particulates. Underhood temperature reductions and pleasing aesthetics are added benefits.

This unique coating provides oxidation and galvanic corrosion protection over a wide range of environmental temperature exposures and component geometries. Bond strengths of 10,000 PSI offer the ability to maintain adhesion even after hammer impacts. Its ability to withstand thermal shock places this coating as an excellent replacement for expensive stainless steel alloys.

If damaged the coating provides self-sacrificing properties thus eliminating potential “undercutting “ or corrosion growth. HPC H01 (polished aluminum finish) can withstand temperatures of -300°F to + 1300°F while offering excellent corrosion and thermal fatigue protection. Its rich racing heritage has provided years of performance improvements and dependability.

The coating can be applied to both the exterior and the interior (gas path) of components thus increasing gas velocities and improving laminar airflow. OEM’s have also benefited from removing heat shields on exhaust components as a result of the coatings ability to retain heat rather than allow heat to radiate into engine bays or heat soak nearby components.

Emission improvements through significant increases in catalytic converter “light-off” can be seen as a result of the coatings ability to hold heat in the gas path, as opposed to dissipating it as the gases continue down the tubing. Improved intake air density due to lower underhood temperature also provides performance gains as a result of the coatings ability to keep heat soak out of the air stream.

Suggested usage: Benefits: · Air Charge Lines · Exhaust Manifolds · Exhaust Elbows · Abrasion and impact resistant · Exhaust Tubing · Protective Shields · Thermal Shock Resistance · Excellent Corrosion Resistance (self sacrificial) · Reduced Underhood Temperatures · Weldable · Mufflers · Performance Gains · Rapid Cool Down

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