larry mcbride

Larry “Spiderman”™ McBride News Letter

Written By Daryl H. Davidson A.K.A. Crazy Dave
Edited By Steve and Larry


Three Cheers for Team Spiderman A.M.A./Prostar Top Fuel Champions

On 11/20/00 Larry and Steve McBride became the Top Fuel Motorcycle Champions In Gainesville, FL. Though it wasn’t pretty it was a win and all the hard work and (4) engines later — off. They became the winner of the race and the Champions for the season 2000. On Friday things seemed to be going well and then Larry veered right and took out the last timing cone and that run didn’t count. With all the Bikes that were there it got too late to make another run so they had to wait until Saturday. On Saturday things went real well and Larry and Steve pulled of a (6.168) run at (216.19 mph) to be #2 Qualifiers. By the end of the day they ended up to stay #2 Qualifiers. With the weather always changing it was a nightmare trying to figure out a set up that would work. On Sunday the race was called because of rain. It was 80 degrees in the morning and within 20 minutes it dropped 40 degrees. Then the rain came. This was not all bad because it gave everybody time to see their friends and talk to people that have raced all year and just have a good time. As in the past the food came out and the tables were filled with the Great food from Kathie and all the friends that cane by. That is when the Great Stories and Good times are had by all. Larry, Kathie and Steve thank everybody for coming by to have a Great time. You are all very Special People.

On Monday we’re back to racing and In round (1), Larry and Steve get the win with a (6.308) at (224.66mph.) Round (2) got a little better. They got the win with a (6.12) at (226.30mph.). After that run they figured what the heck let’s by to make a (Sect) run and changed to the last engine in the trailer, the one that took them there in Houston last year. With the weather changing and track conditions changing it became a chance that must be tried. Well it wasn’t pretty. Larry comes up to the line with all that horsepower, the Christmas tree comes down, Larry hammers it and goes up in smoke, then lets out of it and hammers it again and nothing but smoke lets out, and hits it again and some how it hooks up and goes on to win with a (7.879) at (214.84mph).

Larry and Steve would like to give a warm and Special Thanks to Pingle Enterprise. Kawasaki USA, Muzzy’s Perfomance, RedLine Synthetic Oil Corp.,Trlm-Tex, Kibblewhite Precision Machine, Drag Specialties, Web Cams, HPC, Vanson Leathers, Performance Machine, Beltdrives Ltd, Street & Competition, Dayco Belts,Trac Dynamics, Simpson Race Products, Nitrous Express, APE,Arias Racing Pistons, R&D Springs. Autolite, EK Chain, MSD, Clevite Engine Parts, Protect All, Whipple Industries, Cometic Gaskets, B&J Transmissions, TSP, and Carolina Cycle.