HPC’s new HiPerWash is a spray-on and rinse-off cleaner for HPC’s HiPerCoat finishes.  HiPerWash works grea on HiPerCoat HiLuster™ finish as well as colors.  pH-balanced, HiPerWash is safe on all polished, painted, powder coated and clear coated surfaces.  HiPerWash is concentrated and can even be dilluted up to 10:1 for lighter cleaning duties.

16 oz. bottle is $15.00

Finally, a polish and cleaner that’s been specifically formulated for HPC’s HiPerCoat ceramic-aluminum coating.  Liquid Buff removes oxidation and stains while providing a beautiful high luster to coated components.  It’s easy to use without the mess and labor or others polishes.  Excellent for aluminum, brass, copper, chrome and magnesium alloys also.

8 oz. bottle is $10.00