How to Maintain HPC HiPerCoat® Coatings

Congratulations for choosing the finest coatings available. We’ve engineered our exhaust coatings to provide a durable, long lasting finish. HPC’s coatings are guaranteed, no-nonsense products, which are proven winners in every facet of motorsports. If properly maintained your HPC protected parts will provide you with years of satisfaction. The following are some helpful suggestions to maintain your HPC coated components.

Engine break-in and dyno testing

When breaking-in a new engine, valve train, or when dyno testing, it is extremely important to insure that adequate heat-quench occurs to the coated exhaust components. Stagnant air coupled with the high engine RPM’s associated with break-in or dyno testing can result in exhaust components exceeding the temperature limits of the aluminum in HiPerCoat’s® matrix (1300° F/704° C).

Unequal fuel distribution or improper ignition timing will result in extreme EGT’s (exhaust gas temperatures) which will exceed HiPerCoat’s temperature limitations.

To eliminate this problem HPC highly recommends the use of a large fan directed at the engine bay to dissipate the heat.

Make certain all cylinders are functioning properly! Static-time your engine prior to starting it up for break-in. Please call or email our technical department with any questions at 800-456-4721 or

Coating maintenance

A variety of chemicals are being used on racetracks and highways today. Make it a habit to regularly wash and rinse-off your coated parts. To maintain a beautiful finish, and prevent surface and substrate corrosion for years to come, we recommend the use of HPC HiPerWash™ spray cleaner for routine maintenance to remove road grime, salt and oil from the coating, and HPC Liquid Buff™ cleaner/polish for heavily oxidized or stained coating.

Severe weather and climate conditions

HPC HiPerCoat is designed to be galvanically active and thus self-sacrificial. Salt, chemicals, moisture, and cyclical temperatures on exhaust components are very damaging to, and can accelerate the deterioration of the coating. To increase the coating’s life in severe environments, HPC recommends the following maintenance:

Use HPC HiPerWash cleaner and high-pressure water to remove baked-on chemicals such as road salt, grime, and debris.

HiPerWash is specifically formulated to help remove oil, road grime, and salt without damaging the aluminum in the coating and is safe for all coated, painted, and polished surfaces. DO NOT USE ANY TYPE OF CAUSTIC SOLUTION to clean your HPC coated components!

After washing, wipe-off coated components with a soft, clean cloth or blow-off using dry compressed air.

Oxidation and stain removal

Stains such as oils, transmission fluid and antifreeze can be easily removed from the surface of HiPerCoat’s polished aluminum finish with fine steel wool or Scotch-Brite™ (maroon #7447 General Purpose Hand pads or gray #7448 Ultra Fine Hand Pads) and HPC Liquid Buff™ Cleaner & Polish. After removing the stains polish to a high luster finish with Liquid Buff and a soft cloth.

Colors other than HPC’s polished aluminum finish are top-coated systems with the pigments being soft by nature, and require special cleaning and handling during installation in the vehicle.

All of HPC’s color top-coated systems have HiPerCoat as a basecoat for corrosion and abrasion protection.

Thank you for choosing HPC, the choice of world champions. Please call or email our technical department with any comments or questions you may have. Toll free 800-456-4721 or

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