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That fast moving aerobatic aircraft…  The improved efficiency of the off-shore oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico…  The increased performance of the Indy car as it streaks down the race track…  High Performance Coatings, Inc. (HPC), helps them all perform better, longer, and more efficiently. These are just a few of the areas where our coatings are at work for America and the world. 

Our unique coatings have been specifically engineered for many environments.  Some coatings protect against corrosion, thermal fatigue, and oxidation. Others reduce heat transfer, while some rapidly dissipate heat. Our Solid Dry Film coatings (“S series”) reduce the coefficient of friction and provide excellent release properties.  Others retain or shed chemical or petroleum products.

International in scope, HPC provides service and products to governments and major businesses worldwide. HPC protects Special Forces equipment, increases the life of attack helicopter parts, and will make your compressor work more efficiently.

High Performance Coatings means increased component life, performance gains, and increased productivity.  Browse these pages to see how we can extend the life and operating efficiency of your components: 

E Series: Thermal Barrier Coatings for extreme high temperatures and maximum surface temperature reductions.

S Series: Solid Dry Films for reduction in friction between components, corrosion protection and chemical resistance.

H Series: High Temperature Coatings for the best in high temperature corrosion protection.

Food Grade Coatings: Designed for use where a food grade approved coating is needed.  This family of coatings offers superior non-stick qualities and durability.

Technical Reports and Data

We are here to review your needs and offer creative solutions that will add longer life and more efficient operation to your products, whether they are medical, military, marine, automotive, or industrial.  Our customers include those who want better performance, longer life, and greater looks. HPC has the right coating to meet your needs.

HPC certifications and qualifications:

  • AIAG

  • Federal Aviation Administration

  • FFLA


  • QS9000 Compliant

  • EDI Capable

  • Society of Automotive Engineers

  • Society of Aeronautical Engineers

Our commitment to you is our most important consideration.  This commitment will continue long after a sale is completed.  Our Technical Department is here to help you.

For an evaluation of your requirements, or just more information about our services, please e-mail our technical department, we are happy to share ideas and solutions with you.

Questions?  Email HPC Technical Department