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Snowmobiles and ATV’s

Exhaust Coatings

It is well known that pipe design is one of the biggest influences on how a 2-stroke runs.  The length and taper of the headpipe, the divergent and convergent cones as well as the length of the body and stinger are very important to how much horsepower is made and at what RPM.  What is commonly overlooked though is keeping the pipe hot.  Expansion chambers work by tuning the timing of negative and positive pressure waves against the port to draw exhaust out and fresh air/fuel in.  Pressure waves move easier through hot air than cool.  That is where HPC comes in.


Compared to uncoated mild steel, HiPerCoat® retains 70% more heat energy.  HiPerCoat’s properties also keep the pipe temperature uniform, so the pipe temperature end to end is more consistant.  By keeping the gasses in the pipe hotter throughout the length of the pipe a stronger, better timed pressure wave is seen at the port.

Engine  and Drivetrain Coatings

HPC offers a variety of engine coatings to make more horsepower and promote longer engine life.  HPC’s piston coatings are especially suited to snowmobile and ATV engines.  Thermal barrier coating (TBC) helps maintain combustion temperatures and prevent heat soak to the rings, causing radial tension loss leading to losses in compression and excessive oil consumption.  Applied to the combustion chamber also, TBC helps to maximize the amount of heat kept in the cylinder and even over the piston, thus promoting a more efficient burn of the air/fuel and increasing horsepower output.

Snowmobile partsHPC’s S-Series solid dry film lubricant coating for piston skirt greatly reduces friction and prevents scuffing and galling of the cylinders.  Always a problem with a high RPM, highly stressed engine such as with snowmobiles.

Anywhere metal and metal meet can benefit from HPC’s S-Series coatings.  By reducing friction between moving parts component life is increased and less power is absorbed by parasitic losses.  Less wear and more speed are the benefits of HPC S-Series Coatings.