Netscape Mail and News

Setting up Netscape mail and news preferences:

  • We recommend that you read this window while setting up your mail and news preferences.

    1. If not connected, dial up to VYZYNZ and make sure you are connected fine.
    2. If Netscape is not running, start it up.
    3. Click on options then Mail and News Preferneces.
    4. When another window apears, click on the Server tab along the top of the new window.
    5. Type in next to Out going Mail (SMTP) Server:
    6. Type in next to Incoming Mail (POP3) Server:
    7. Make sure the Maximum Message Size is set to None
    8. Make sure the Every box is checked, and 10 is typed into the blank next to Check for Mail:
    9. Type next to News (NNTP) Server:
    10. Click on the Identity tab along the top of the window.
    11. Enter You full name under Your name.
    12. Type your e-mail address next to Your E-mail (i.e.
    13. Type the same address above in the Reply-to Arress:
    14. You can type your Organization name in Organization if you want.
    15. For the Signature entry you can leve that blank.
    16. Restart the computer.