Our Team

Armand Thomas


A professional auto-engineer, Armand Thomas has worked with the development and design team of automotive companies to employ sophisticated technology in a reliable and user-friendly method in the vehicle’s navigation, alarm, control, and fuel usages. After two decades, he now spearheads HP Coatings with the goal of imparting knowledge in auto detailing and car painting to its readers worldwide.

Armand Thomas

Zana Lewis

Auto Insurance Agent, Lead Contributor

Once responsible for identifying sales opportunities for insurance plans and overseeing a portfolio of clients, Zana now devotes her product knowledge in sharing more helpful information that educates our readers better when it comes to anything automotive, especially coverages.

Arnold Alexander

Auto Detailer

Arnold knows how cars work, from the inside-out. He’s the team’s go-to guy when it comes to technicalities.

He owns auto detailing shops across 4 states, and somehow has the time to write for HP Coatings. While we do not know how he does it, he claims its passion in sharing his knowledge with others.

Andre Lum


Andre spends a lot of time contributing to HP Coatings to provide our readers with the best info related to do-it-yourself auto body repair and painting. His content provide car enthusiasts with structured yet easy to follow lessons; making it easier for our readers to learn about car painting in their free time. 

Timothy Morris

Marketing Professional, Writer

The team’s expert in executing different strategies and techniques used to attract customers, and future dream car drivers.

He also tries out different automobiles from several  brands in his spare time and shares his experiences through writing.

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