Changing Your Login Password

How to change your login password:

  • We recommend that you read this window while changing your password.

    1. If not connected, dial up to VYZYNZ and make sure you are connected fine.
    2. Click the Start Button, then select run (If you do not have windows 95 start up your telnet program and put in as host and ignore step 2 also)
    3. On the command line type telnet
    4. For your login name type your user name without the .ppp (i.e. dsmith) in lower case.
    5. Type your current password. (lower case)
    6. Type passwd
    7. Enter your current password.
    8. Enter the password that you want for the future.
    9. Enter the password to comfirm that you have it corrent
    10. Type exit
    11. Change your password in your dial up setup to the new password.
    12. Any questions e-mail or call us.