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GReddy Honda Civic Si wins Valvoline Civic Si Challenge

November 20, 2003 - The HPC associate sponsored GReddy turbocharged Honda Civic Si won the Valvoline Civic Si Challenge in California this month. The Valvoline Civic Si Challenge is comprised of several competitions that crown the winner by point accumulated.

First was the car show portion, which was held during the SEMA Show in Las Vegas the first week of November as well as in the lobby of American Honda headquarters where Honda employees judged the entrants. The GReddy entrant garnered a strong 23% of all the votes.

Second was the emissions portion of the Challenge that was conducted by American Honda to insure that all engine modifications meet federal emission standards. The GReddy turbocharged Civic Si passed the "sniffer" test with flying colors.

Then on to the dynamometer shootout at R&D Dyno Service where the GReddy Civic Si made 352 horsepower, being second only to Signal Auto's Civic Si powered by a GReddy turbo system.

The racing portion of the test was held a Buttonwillow Raceway Park for lap times on a road course and Los Angeles County Raceway for dragstrip testing. At the road course with LeMans driver Kelly Collins at the wheel the GReddy Civic Si placed first and with Stephen Papadakis driving the next day at the dragstrip the GReddy entry came is second behind Signal Auto's Civic.

With all the portions of the Challenge completed, and all the points added up, the GReddy Civic Si won by a large margin over the second place finisher.

HPC coated various turbo, exhaust, and internal engine parts for the GReddy Civic Si with HiPerCoat Extreme�, HPC Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC), and S-Series solid dry film lubricants.