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�HPC Sets Incredible World Record at Bonneville�

Trepanier built Blowfish sets new record during Bonneville�s Speedweek .

Rad Rides Blowfish at the Bonneville Salt Flats

Bonneville Salt Flats, UT.  (August 18, 2006) –After twenty-five years as the leader in innovative coating technology, High Performance Coatings, Inc. is accustomed to championships and record setting. But that doesn’t mean the international coatings company is resting on its laurels.

Just ask Troy Trepanier of Rad Rods by Troy. Trepanier’s world famous custom automotive manufacturing company has worked with HPC for over 15 years on nearly every project produced by Troy’s staff. Trepanier and his team have created some of the world’s most beautiful cars ever designed. And now, with HPC’s help, they have created one of the fastest.

Officially nicknamed ‘The Blowfish’, Trepanier’s modified 1969 Barracuda was driven by George Poteet and made one qualifying run and two official laps on the Bonneville Salt Flats during Speedweek. For the qualifying pass on the short course (3 mile length), Poteet and the Blowfish had an incredible 236.469 MPH run. The prior record for blown fuel competition coupe (BFCC), in engine class F (2.01-3.0 Liter) is 230.853 MPH and was set in 1990.

After studying the data collected during the short track practice lap, the team made some minor tune ups before the car’s two official runs on the long track (5 miles).

“The longer track gives us an opportunity to get an even better feel for how the car is working and the best way to drive it,” Trepanier said.

On the car’s second run down the 5-mile course at 11:02am on Thursday August 17, Poteet pushed the car to an incredible 255.658 MPH, shattering the previous record by twenty-five miles per hour.

“We have ourselves a real race car!” the ecstatic driver shouted as Trepanier and his crew rushed to meet him at the finish line. After the record setting run, the team has taken The Blowfish back to Trepanier’s shop in Manteno, IL for minor adjustments. The car will return to the salt for the Utah Salt Flat Racing Association’s meet in September where The Blowfish is expected to set a 300 MPH record.

Trepanier’s team utilized HPC’s HiPerCoat Extreme™ heat managing coating in order to maximize The Blowfish’s engine performance. HPC’s coatings have also been used by 14 Indianapolis 500 winners and other renowned car builders such as Chip Foose, Ken ‘Posies’ Fenical, Boyd Coddington, and Ed Roth.

Trepanier was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and began working on cars with his father and grandfather after school. Since then, Troy’s projects have been recognized worldwide for their ingenuity, creativity, and engineering. These distinctive cars have been used in automotive magazines and on several television documentaries. He was inducted into the National Rod & Custom Car Hall of Fame in 2001.

HPC congratulates Troy Trepanier, George Poteet, and the team at Rad Rods by Troy for their outstanding world record run.

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About HPC
High Performance Coatings, Inc. has been an integral part of the automotive motorsport industry since 1982. The company has coated parts for over 20 Motorsport Hall of Fame inductees and 4 land and air speed world record holders. This rich racing heritage has led HPC to be nicknamed ‘The Choice of World Champions.’

HPC is the leader in innovative coating technology. HPC develops, manufactures and applies coating (surface treatment) solutions for thermal management, anti-corrosion, friction reduction, and color appearance. Now in its twenty-fourth year, the company’s coatings are used by legends in the motorsport racing world as well as by the US Military and the National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA). HPC is a market leader in internal and external engine parts coatings in automotive and diesel engines. At HPC, there IS a difference…and the difference is experience.


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