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��The Professor� Proves He Still Leads the Class�

HPC-Sponsored Warren Johnson sets career best at Sonoma.

Warren Johnson NHRA Pro Stock World Champion

Sonoma, CA (August 10, 2006) – At 62 years of age, Warren Johnson has shown no signs of slowing down. With six NHRA Pro Stock World Championships, Johnson’s GM Performance Parts GTO Racing team is accustomed to setting the trend.

After spending the entire weekend with his crew making adjustment to their GM Performance Parts GTO, Johnson crawled in to the driver’s seat and did what he has done best throughout his 35 years of racing: set records.

The Georgia-born driver rocketed through the quarter-mile in 6.644-seconds with a top speed of 207.40 mph.  This not only established a new career-best elapsed time for The Professor, bettering his previous mark by over three hundredths of a second, but it also earned him the third starting spot in the very quick field.

But Johnson has never been one to sit back and rest on his laurels.

“The best runs really are boring,” Johnson quipped. “(T)he car tracks straight and doesn’t do anything erratic, so all the driver has to do is make sure to shift on time and keep it straight as possible.  That’s how this morning’s run was – everything went along nice and smoothly, and even though we gave up a little from the 30 to the 60-foot mark, we’ll take what we got and learn from it.”  

Nicknamed ‘The Professor’, Johnson was the first NHRA Pro Stock driver to exceed 180, 190, and finally 200 mph. He was even named No. 7 on the NHRA’s 50 Greatest Drivers list during the organization’s 50th anniversary.

But with a jaw-dropping 52 NHRA championships, High Performance Coatings, Inc. has grown accustomed to victories at the world’s most illustrious races. The company shares this winning trait with the prominent HPC-sponsored Johnson who has worked with the international coatings company for over ten years now. When asked about the benefits of HPC’s renowned coatings, Warren responded “HPC helped power me to my Pro Stock World Championships.”

“We feel pretty good about our GM Performance Parts GTO’s chances this weekend (at the Brainerd race),” Johnson said. “I feel we can qualify in the top half of the field, after which we’ll wage war on the competition in eliminations.”

Just like in his legendary driving, Johnson got straight to the point.

HPC congratulates Warren Johnson and the GM Performance Parts GTO Racing team for their incredible career best performance at Sonoma.

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