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"A drop of 530° C (986° F) impressed everyone and proves that
HPC's products really do work."

New Zealand Performance Car Magazine - November 1996

Hot stagnant air under hood--it's a problem worsened today by increased exhaust gas temperatures from leaner air/fuel mixtures, turbochargers and small displacement/high horsepower engines. Combined with aerodynamics designed to pass air over and around the car rather than through it, the solution is HPC's HiPerCoat® Extreme process.

Unlike other 2000° F coatings, HiPerCoat Extreme is a true thermal barrier and is even FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certified.


On-track testing has shown as much as a 35% reduction in under hood ambient temperature and more than 50% reduction in component skin temperature. HPC's HiPerCoat Extreme process achieves this by creating a thermal barrier which retains the heat within the exhaust system. In turbocharged applications this coating helps increase turbo boost and spool-up.  Independent testing of a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine has shown a 5% increase in horsepower when HiPerCoat Extreme was used on the exhaust manifold, turbo and downpipe.

Today's leading IRL, CART, NASCAR, IMSA, and F-1 teams use HPC's HiPerCoat Extreme process with winning success, where it easily withstands temperatures reaching 2,500° F. But race cars are not the only candidates for HiPerCoat Extreme. Sport compact cars, towing vehicles, motorhomes, and buses also benefit from reduced under hood temperatures which help to prolong component life and promote passenger comfort.

HiPerCoat Extreme is available in the U.S. in the Oklahoma plant only.  HiPerCoat Extreme is available in both the Queensland and Victoria plants in Australia as well as the New Zealand facility.   Due to pigment stability above 1,600° F semi-gloss black and gray are the only colors available.

The following graph shows the results of a test performed by Marsh Motorsports on a Mercruiser 900 (496 CID Chevrolet). The engine produced 913 hp and 860 ft/lbs torque at 6750 RPM.

HiPerCoat Extreme was used on cylinder #2 header tube only. The other 7 were left bare. Readings were taken with thermocouples attached to the header primary tubes 1" from the header flange.





"HPC's Thermal Barrier Coating increased turbine speed
and boost while decreasing underhood temperatures."

Turbo & High Tech Performance Magazine - July 1990
Available HiPerCoat Extreme Colors



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