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"HPC did it first and does it better."
Mustang 5.0 Magazine - February 1996

V8 header coated with HPC HiPerCoat® 1300 polished aluminum finish Stearman aircraft exhaust coated with HPC HiPerCoat® 1300 polished aluminum finish
Benefits of HPC HiPerCoat®
  • The original ceramic header coating
  • Superior corrosion protection; self-sacrificial quality will not allow corrosion to develop even when damaged
  • Protection at metal temperatures of -375° F to +1,600° F (1300° F for polished aluminum finish)
  • Eliminates thermal fatigue and oxidation
  • Lifetime guarantee against subsurface rust and corrosion
  • Performance gains from increase exhaust gas velocity, improved airflow, and reduced ambient under hood temperature
  • Rapid cool-down
  • Weldable
  • Will not blue or stain
  • Available in 6 colors
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Can be applied to both new and used components
2-1 motorcycle header coated with HPC HiPerCoat® 1600 semi-gloss black finish
Before and after coating titanium header with
HiPerCoat 1300

HPC HiPerCoat® 1300 and 1600 is dyno-proven to reduce component temperature 40%+ at just 5" from the header.

HPC HiPerCoat® is the original ceramic header coating.  HiPerCoat's inorganic matrix provides greater protection, and avoids the staining or bluing characteristics found with traditional chrome and stainless.

This unique ceramic-aluminum coating process reduces radiant heat and ambient underhood temperature 40%+ while increasing horsepower. Performance benefits are attributed to: combustion chamber stabilization and reduced under hood temperature due to the improved air density; increased gas velocity due to the heat retaining properties of the coating; and better laminar air flow due to the elimination of oxide scale on the header's inside diameter.

HiPerCoat  is available in a high luster polished aluminum finish that maintains it's beautiful shine up to 1,300° F part metal temperature and for hotter applications up to 1,600° F part metal temperature in semi-gloss black and gray, flat blue, red, green, and purple. 

To keep your HiPerCoat polished aluminum finish looking brand new HPC has developed HiPerWash™ Cleaner and Liquid Buff™ Polish.  These specially formulated products will keep a like new shine to your coated components.


Often mistaken for rust, thermal fatigue/oxidation is a problem caused by cyclical temperatures and hot gas impingement. HiPerCoat retards oxidation and heat buildup even at temperatures up to 1,600° F. Bonded onto steel, it extends component survivability by over 100-times.


Field performance proven HiPerCoat has the unique ability to protect components against corrosion even when the coating is damaged. It was the first coating of its kind in the automotive industry and remains unsurpassed in quality.  HiPerCoat meets U.S. military specification MIL-C-81751B for metallic-ceramic coatings, has FAA approval on several models of aircraft, and is OE specified by auto, truck, motorcycle, and powersports equipment manufacturers.

Available HiPerCoat Colors:







For turbocharged, supercharged, rotary, Spec Racer Ford, and other applications where exhaust component temperature will exceed 1600° F for continuous periods we recommend our HiPerCoat® Extreme coating. Please Note: Red is only available at our Utah facility, please call in advance for pricing and availability.


For more information E-mail our Tech Department or call us at 1-800-456-4721.