Performance Technical Report

SUBJECT: SO2 Non stick coating

DATE: 1st March 1998

AUTHOR: Paul Grace


A test was conducted on two marine propellers to provide a barrier to corrosion and a smooth non stick surface to inhibit the growth of marine life. The propellers were coated in HO1 then top coated with SO2 and fitted to a customers boat permanently moored in a marina in the ocean.

Photo # 1 Photo #2 Photo #3
After 12 months full time salt water immersion. After a water blast to remove loose debris. After wiping with a wet cloth the coating shows no deterioration.


The propellers were blasted cleaned of any previous contamination by thermal degrease and grit blasting. They were then coated with H01 and cured then re blasted to etch the surface and top coated with SO2 non stick solid dry film then cured again. The propellers were then fitted to the boat and left moored in a marina in the ocean for a period of 12 months when the boat was removed for annual inspection and maintenance.


There were no signs of corrosion or pin holes in the coating observed, a small amount of marine growth was seen, less than usual and was able to be easily removed with a water blast and wipe with a wet rag. The boat was returned to the sea without further work to the propellers for a second year.


After 12 months full time immersion and some use by the owner the boat was removed from the water to carry out maintenance and inspect the propellers. The owner commented that with uncoated propellers there is a drop off in fuel economy due to the marine growth causing parasitic drag, with coated propellers there was no reduction in fuel economy.

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