Automated Vehicles: The Pros And Cons Of Self-Driving Cars

Fully automated vehicles are still in the making and have yet to make it to the roads. However, with the advancements in automobile technology, modern cars are entering the market fitted with some automated features. Fully automated cars may not be so far in the future anymore.

Entering such uncharted waters, we should attempt to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of these automated cars entering the automobile market.

Pro #1: Make Roads Safer

“There is no denying that automated driving has the potential to transform the transportation business. Self-driving cars have the potential to reduce traffic accidents, pollution, and economic losses. They also allow you to have a good time while riding.”

Jeroen van Gils, Managing Director at

“As a professional, I believe that one of the possible benefits of self-driving cars is that they may make roads safer in general-  even after completing a driver’s education course. Because human error accounts for the majority of car accidents, eliminating this factor could result in a large reduction in accidents. Another benefit of a self-driving car would be being able to better assess the optimal paths to avoid generating traffic congestion, reducing or perhaps eliminating traffic congestion. In densely populated places, this would also mean commute times would be shorter and less stressful.”

Rameez Usmani, Tech and Security Expert at The Code Signing Store

Pro#2: Eliminate Human Errors

“Self-driving cars will eliminate the human errors of driving & will reduce the cases of accidents. Distracted driving, not following traffic rules, drink & drive points, and not wearing seat belts are some significant issues that this feature will eliminate. Also, it will save us from mishaps when some unexpected medical fatality happens to a driver while driving, like cardiac arrest & others.”

Miranda Yan, Co-Founder of VinPit

Pro #3: Cost-Saving and Reducing Pollution

“Since this feature will apply to electric cars thus, it will lead to cost-saving, pollution control & also provide better traffic efficiency. It will run on artificial intelligence & machine learning programs. It will better follow the traffic rules, which will further save time & cost for society.

“This facility will be a blessing for those who can’t drive, like disabled people, elderly one & others. They don’t have to depend on others for their transportation.”

Miranda Yan, Co-Founder of VinPit

Pro #4: Minimize Road Rage

“Also, a critical aspect of Road rage will get minimized, as the feature involves machine act only. Apart from this self-parking, maintaining good constant speed are some other added benefits of this self-driving technology.”

Miranda Yan, Co-Founder of VinPit

Pro #5: Reduces Pollution, Aid for Disabled People

“Autonomous cars would reduce vehicle pollution by maintaining standardized speeds and consistent distances that reduce the need to slow or speed up. They would also reduce emissions caused by burning fossil fuels as they use electricity. Another benefit is the reduced accidents and congestion as automated cars can afford to communicate with each other. A considerable advantage of these cars is giving more independence to disabled people.”

Katherine Brown, Founder & Marketing Director of Spyic

Con #1: Hacking

“One of the disadvantages of employing self-driving cars is that they are vulnerable to hacking. They, like all computer systems, come with software that has been specifically programmed for them. Criminal hackers can use this to cause faults and errors, which can lead to accidents. They can even reprogram the automobiles to do whatever they want, even if the owner doesn’t agree.”

Michael Robinson, Security Expert

Con #2: Joblessness

“I have a fear that self-driving automobiles will result in a large-scale employment loss. Because their services would no longer be required, taxi, truck, and even Uber drivers will lose their jobs. As a result, they’d have to find other ways to make a living.”

Jeroen van Gils, Managing Director at

Con #3: Not Reliable

“One crucial disadvantage is that since this is fully automated technology thus machine reliability needs to be ensured 100%. There is no scope for network breaches & machine malfunction as these will lead to severe fatalities. Also, it will be tough for self-driven technology to manage rugged terrain & conditions.”

Miranda Yan, Co-Founder of VinPit

“Although technology can virtually eliminate human mistakes, computers aren’t always the most reliable. If the computer in a self-driving car fails, you could be in a dangerous situation. Cybercrime is another potential danger associated with a computer-assisted car. If someone hacks your system while you’re riding in your self-driving car, you might be in serious danger, depending on the hacker’s motivations.”

Rameez Usmani, Tech and Security Expert at The Code Signing Store

Con #4: Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

“The major vital con is the security issues, as this technology uses the high latency efficient network protocol to help communicate the cars among themselves. Thus they are more vulnerable to cyber-attack. This is not only a threat to the passengers but also the nearby people.

Miranda Yan, Co-Founder of VinPit

Con #5: Job Losses

“Job losses to drivers are the other cons that will impact the commercial transportation industry. This technology needs a better highway & road infrastructure, which will increase the initial cost of an establishment.”

Miranda Yan, Co-Founder of VinPit

Con #7: High Purchasing Costs

“High purchasing costs will be the main highlight and con of automated cars. A minor glitch in the programming sequence could turn out to be catastrophic and result in deaths. These cars also lack in making good judgment calls of blockades encountered on the road. Cyberattacks are also a threat to the invention and may lead to hackers backtracking to your devices like phones if they are connected.”

Katherine Brown, Founder & Marketing Director of Spyic

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