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Racedeck/Mopar/Darrell Cox Racing enters the 200 MPH Club

September 14, 2004 – Jorgen Moller and the Racedeck/Darrell Cox Racing/Hinckley Dodge team set two new records at the SCTA Speed Week 2004 at the Bonneville Salt Flats August 14 – 20, 2004

In F/BGR (123 – 183 CID/Blown Gas Roadster) Jorgen set a record of 201.081 MPH, eclipsing the previous record of 197.044 MPH.  Top speed on this run was 209.194 MPH.

Jorgen also set a new F/BFR (123 – 183 CID/Blown Fuel Roadster) record of 186.661 MPH, beating the previous record of 184.118 MPH.  Top speed for Jorgen on this pass was 202.546 MPH.

The team rolled-out a new car for shake-down passes at Speed Week.  The 2004 Dodge SRT will run as an F/PS (123 – 183 CID/Production Sedan).  It’s powered by a Darrell Cox built Mopar SRT-4 four cylinder engine and is packed with factory Mopar goodies such as the Mopar Stage 3 suspension package.  On shake-down runs the SRT ran 186.349 MPH, putting it well on it’s way to the F/PS record of 204.952 MPH.

Jorgen was also inducted into the prestigious 200 MPH Club at this year’s event.

The next event for both cars will the the USFRA World of Speed September 17 – 20, 2004.

The team is sponsored by and receives technical assistance from Mopar, Darrell Cox Racing, Hinckley Dodge, HPC, Royal Purple, and B&H Motorsports.  The Racedeck/Hinckley Dodge/Mopar/Darrell Cox team utilizes HPC HiPerCoat® and HiPerCoat Extreme™ for turbo headers, turbochargers, intake manifolds, and intercooler piping.

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